Nominated for Green Room Award for Best Composition and Sound Design 2010

Winner Green Room Award for Outstanding Production 2010

July 26 to August 7 2011 Malthouse Theatre Melbourne

2012 toured Australia, produced by Performing Lines

The stranger breathing down the phone, the thump on the roof in the dead of the night, the danger lurking in the unlit street.

Part documentary, part art-house thriller, Tamara Saulwick’s interdisciplinary work Pin Drop explores the phenomenon of fear in our day-to-day lives, and its impact on how we choose to live.

Built around a series of audio recordings from one-on-one interviews, Pin Drop is told through twelve voices; one live, eleven pre-recorded. The solo performer is not alone in what becomes a seemingly ‘peopled’ environment and it looks at how we can become engulfed by fear but also how, in some instances, we manage to overcome it.

Creator and Performer: Tamara Saulwick
Composition and sound design: Peter Knight
Choreography: Michelle Heaven
Design: Bluebottle, Ben Cobham
Costume design and construction: Harriet Oxley
Production: Bluebottle, Frog Peck
Technical audio consultant: Myles Mumford
Project management: Moriarty’s Project
Presented by Malthouse Theatre and Tamara Saulwick 2011