“Outstanding and extraordinary were the pieces "The Plains"(Peter Knight) and "Hurry Slowly 2" (Andrea Keller) performed by the nine-piece Australian Art Orchestra comprising pianist Andrea Keller, drummer Simon Barker, clarinetist Aviva Endean, violinist Lizzy Welsh, vocalist Georgie Darvidis, bassist Jacques Emery, Tilman Robinson on electronics and trombonist James Macaulay and led by trumpeter Peter Knight. It was music from a slightly uncommon but fascinating zone. The music was made from dust and light, from terrestrial murmurs and flickering horizons, imbued with glimpses of hanging atmospheres and reigned over by lethargic outbursts. Emerging from some secret ground it radiated an enigmatic double face of reality. It evoked an uncommon feeling of wide spaces pervaded by unexpected inner moods in fascinating interaction with each other. It involved a particular way of performing too. I cannot recall having experienced such lethargic singing with such a high degree of expressiveness as embodied by Georgie Davidis. It was also fascinating to watch Aviva Endean slowly shifting and shaping the tone of her clarinet next to James McCaulay's bone-tone elongations. Sounding definitely Australian it gave a particular feeling of the passing of time and hovering in space.” Henning Bolte All About Jazz