Presented by Tamara Saulwick and Big West Festival. November 2011
Award-winning collaborators, performance-maker Tamara Saulwick and audio designer Peter Knight join together to lead a team of artists in creating a compelling new work; part audio walk, part installation, and part performance.

Seddon Archives is a contemplation of the connection between time, place, event and memory. It plays with the ways in which memories are slippery, histories are unstable, and events act like bookmarks in personal stories. Equipped with headphones and an mp3 player as your guide, you will wander Seddon’s streets immersed in a sound world that knits the present with the recent and distant past.

Drawing from interviews with local residents, prerecorded sound and voices intermingle with the here-and- now. Fact blurs with fiction, memory and imagination merge, and time and place are uncannily reconfigured. Just press play and begin.

 Creator/Director: Tamara Saulwick. Audio Designer: Peter Knight. Visual Artist: Susan Purdy Performance: Rachael Dyson-McGregor.