Fish Boast of Fishing

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A project led by composer/trumpeter Peter Knight, inspired by e e cummings...

love's function is to fabricate unknownness
(known being wishless; but love, all of wishing)
though life's lived wrongsideout, sameness chokes oneness truth is confused with fact, fish boast of fishing

e e cummings

Winner Bell Jazz Award 2012 'Most original Australian jazz album'

Finalist APRA/AMC Art Music Awards 2012 'Best Jazz Composition'

Mentioned in NYC Jazz Record 'Best of 2011'

Editor's choice MCA Music Forum magazine April 2012

Feature album BBC Jazz on 3 “Fish Boast of Fishing is a serious work of stringent originality performed by an ensemble that deserves to be heard much more widely.” BBC review

“Hard to categorise... hauntingly memorable” The Wire (UK)

"A dreamworld of sounds materialising and dematerialising." Sydney Morning Herald

Music that is unclassifiable. Music that sits somewhere between new jazz, contemporary classical, and minimalism, Fish Boast of Fishing integrates improvisation, composition and electronics to create a new sound.
The initial motivation for this project developed out of a desire to compose a suite of works integrating the improvisatory language of the players comprising the ensemble. It develops a mode of expression that draws on genre and idiom without being defined by either, and compositional structures that create space for each of the players.

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Fish Boast Fishing features Peter Knight with:

Adam Simmons contra bass clarinet

Adam Simmons is a multi-instrumentalist playing the full range of saxophones (sopranino to bass), as well as clarinets and flutes, across a broad range of styles - jazz, avant-garde, new music, punk, latin, blues, funk, classical, techno. Based in Melbourne since 1990, Adam often tours around Australia and has performed at major international festivals and venues. Adam is well known for the groups he leads including the Adam Simmons Quartet, the Toy Band and Bucketrider, and has also

played with artists and groups including Pete Brotzman, the Australian Art Orchestra, Spiderbait, and Paul Grabowsky.

Erik Griswold prepared piano

Eclectic Australian-American musician Erik Griswold fuses experimental, jazz and world music traditions to create works of striking originality. Specializing in prepared piano, percussion and toy instruments, he has created a musical universe all his own that is "sincere" (, "playful" (igloo magazine), "colourful and refreshingly unpretentious" (Paris Transatlantic). Griswold performs as a soloist, in Clocked Out Duo (with percussionist Vanessa Tomlinson), and collaborates with musicians from diverse backgrounds as well as visual artists, and writers. Griswold has lived in San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Melbourne, Adelaide, and now calls Brisbane home. He is currently director of Clocked Out, and adjunct professor at Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University. He holds a PhD from University of California, San Diego.

Vanessa Tomlinson percussion

Australian percussionist Vanessa Tomlinson has contributed significantly as a soloist, contemporary chamber musician and an improvisor. She has travelled the world since 1992 performing with red fish blue fish, Clocked Out Duo, Twitch, circa, Aphids and Elision, in places as diverse as Lincoln Center, Sydney Opera House, The Casbah and Nudgee Beach. Dedicated to exploring new musical ideas, she has commissioned and inspired more than 50 new compositions. Vanessa currently lives in Brisbane where she is Head of Percussion at the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, and co-artistic director of Clocked Out.

Joe Talia drums

Joe Talia is a drummer, percussionist and electro-acoustic performer based in Melbourne, Australia. Never satisfied with containment to any one style or discipline, He plays drums, percussion, amplified objects electronics and tape machines. After studying improvisation at the Victorian College of the Arts, Talia went on to become involved in the Australian jazz and improv scene. As well as being a respected drummer, Talia also works in the realm of electro-acoustic music, both live and studio based. He also has a long standing musical partnership with singer-songwriter Ned Collette, working as both a drummer and producer/engineer on Collette’s album Future Suture (Dot Dash 2007) and with Wirewalker, on Over the Stones, Under the Stars (Dot Dash 2009) and performing on several European tours. Talia is also member of the ARIA award winning Andrea Keller Quartet.

Frank Di Sario bass

Frank Di Sario is a graduate of the University of Adelaide who has featured in performances with the best local and international artists including vocalist Mark Murphy. A uniquely sensitive, intuitive bassist and prolific composer, he has previously released a series of diverse albums that have received critical acclaim. His composition 'Arthur Boyd' has been included on a recently released compilation celebrating ABC Classic FM's 30th anniversary.